Free Art Friday

Free Art Friday is a creative activity founded by Portsmouth based artist My Dog Sighs and involves the making and distribution of free art in public places.  The pieces are made and placed in public locations with a picture being posted on social media for people to go and find.  In recent years the 'Friday' aspect has become a little less important with people putting work out any day of the week to be found.

In the run up to the 'A Road Petrol Stations at Night' show as Aspex Guildhall, Andrew produced a smaller version of each image in the series and distributed them around the Portsmouth and Southsea area for people to find!  This was the start of more Free Art Friday pieces being put out by Andrew, follow him on Twitter and Facebook to stand a chance of finding yours!


All images are copyright of Andrew Paul Hayward 2011-2017 and may not be used without prior explicit permission


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