Been wanting to shoot this location for ages!

Queen Elizabeth Country Park Star Trails

Loving the clear winter sky’s recently! Snapped this beauty at Queen Elizabeth Country Park in Horndean earlier this week.

The responsibility of photography

This evening I had an interesting phone call from a former member of 1189 Portsmouth Squadron ATC who had found one of my projects on my website while researching. Having been a member of the squadron all the way back in the 50’s he was seeking to show his grandchildren some of his past.

Photography has a responsibility to trigger nostalgia and to evidence the past. As photographers we are professional observers who’s job it is to document the world around us. 

Old Brewery House  

Reluctance to change falling away

When video as a feature in DSLRs was first announced I hated the idea! My first camera to have it, the Nikon D300s, was terrible! The frame rate was rubbish and the definition and quality was shocking!

This has soon given away with my latest camera and I feel amazed by the prospect of a high definition, interchangeable lens platform that doesn’t cost the earth! 

These thoughts were reinvigorated with the introduction of wifi in cameras. A gimmick used to drive sale to a buyer base that is increasingly technologically equipped!

Again these thoughts have changed, largely with the huge advancement in Adobes Lightroom mobile app to be compatible with RAW files.  The ability to extract a full size, full frame RAW file, edit it and publish it within a couple of minutes of capturing it. No laptop needed. Is amazing! 

The original files still have their value and there are still a lot of limitations on what can be done with images. The wifi connectivity also still has its limits. Such as being unable to extract videos from the camera, unable to initiate video recording and even unable to alter camera settings from the mobile app.

Progress nonetheless, and progress I am starting to embrace! 

An overcast morning by the sea

I took full advantage of this mornings high tide and overcast sky to introduce the new camera to the Cokin Nuance filters.  Creating long exposures in daylight can be great fun and a challenge to meter.

A break to shoot

After a very busy half term of teaching Photography I’m quite looking forward to a break with loads of shooting! Including todays first outing with the new camera!

This also means overdue updates to the website!