A Road Petrol Stations At Night Exhibition – Eldon, Portsmouth

As part of the showcase of exhibitions at the culmination of the BA(Hons) Photography at the university of Portsmouth. The show ran for four weeks across May to June 2012.

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10 Paignton Avenue

Art Photobook number three is a bit more personal and revolves around the miniseries ‘10 Paignton Avenue’. This series of images is part of an ongoing, but not yet published, photo essay, ‘Life Death and Photography’.

The overall goal is to study the human temporality and the role photography has to play in our memories and our experience.

‘10 Paignton Avenue’ contains images from my maternal grandparents family home shortly after their deaths and before being sold. The images look at the signs of a life that was as well as a home greatly in need of some TLC and new life.

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Next up the binding!

Given the personal nature of this weeks book I wanted to give a copy to my mother and do it before the publishing of social media posts. Although a series of images she had seen before, seeing them again in this formation was definitely different for her

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